From the fans perspective…

My plan for this blog is to show you how to get great photos using your digital SLR and without the need for a press pass. Digital cameras have made photography more accessible. Many more fans have a decent camera than when film and development were involved. There are loads of photography books, but little focus on Motorsport specifically. This is what I would like to focus on here.

Shots like the one below come about from a mixture of timing and technique. Club racing is the ideal place to practice, just as aspiring drivers come here to practice, so can aspiring photographers. Once perfected, the techniques can be used at higher profile events such as Le Mans and Formula 1.

Mazda MX5 Oversteer
Cheap Thrills in MX5 Racing
Canon 60D, 300 mm, F/5, 1/200 s, ISO-100

Cheap is probably somewhat unkind, as all racing is costly, but relatively speaking, club races such as the MX5 championship provide an affordable entry into Motorsport for many drivers. As you,can see, lively rear drive sports cars can be a thrill-a-minute too, as car control is developed!

At this point on the circuit at Cadwell you are close to the actions, so a 300 mm lens is plenty. I was following the cars as they crested the hill, and shooting 3/4 front panned shots across the track. Good panning involves following the car a little before and after, and in this case, he ran a little wide over the brow. Over correcting off the grass brought the tail around – nicely controlled and on his way on this occasion! As I was panning shots, I had the Canon set to Tv mode (shutter priority) with the shutter speed set at 1/200 s to give some blurring, but not wildly so. I just got away with the shutter speed shooting this with the MX5 coming towards me, and a nice effect with the dirt flying.

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