The Canon 80D has arrived…

I’ll be giving the Canon 80D a full Motorsport photography work out on Saturday, but here are a few first thoughts having unpacked it today.

So, this is an upgrade from the 60D for me. I skipped the 70. Why? Well, usability upgrades looked OK, but with no more pixels, I was never convinced it offered enough. As soon as the 80 was announced, with 30% more pixels, greatly improved autofocus and all the nice usability of the 70, I placed my preorder.

I’ve had a quick play in the house, just to get some basic familiarisation with the setup. A few buttons have moved, time will tell if I like the new positions. Big difference – touch screen. In an Apple world, the lack of touch was feeling archaic. I’m pleased to report it works really well too. The new autofocus is a big improvement on the 60. You can choose zones of sensors, leave it to its own judgement, or pick an individual sensor – with so many to choose from, this is going to be great for a bit of creativity at the track.

Canon 80D
Test shot of Valentino Rossi

iPad Air!

Not much more to say here, I shall return with photos and thoughts after a day shooting at the race track…

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