Motorsport Photography – the fans perspective

I’m looking to share advice, tips, ideas with fellow Motorsport photography fans. People like me who love to take their camera to the track, but don’t have a press pass. We pay to get in, we buy our own gear, and we can’t quite stand in the best spots. In the true sense of the ‘for the love’ meaning, can be great amateurs.  We can take photos every bit as creative, technically perfect and just as serendipitous as the professionals. Please comment, ask questions, throw in your own ideas, experience, suggestions…

By way of introduction, I’m Kevin Hallas, a life long Motorsport nut. I’ve been shooting photos at events for 20 years. I’ve transitioned from film to digital. From Minolta, to Sony, to Canon. I get to lots of club events, and hopefully most years a few of the blue ribbon events too. 2016 will be year 5 at Le Mans. Lucky for me, there usually something else too, Monaco, Nurburgring and Yas Island in the last few years – I’ll share the photos, and maybe some travel advice!

Find me on twitter: @phantographer

And http://www.flickr.com/kevinhallas

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