First day with the Canon 80D…

Well, I went over to Oulton Park to try out the new Canon 80D. I’m not sure I’ve ever been there on such a wet day before, which did limit what I could do. Still, with the camo cover fitted, I did manage to grab a few shots of the 750 motor club meeting.

I’d installed the partner app on my iPad, to make use of the file view and transfer whilst at the track. Whilst this isn’t quite seamless, I soon got into the routine of clicks to get it working (enable wifi on camera via Q / touchscreen – switch iPad to Canon wifi – launch app – wait for connection – view images). It did mean whilst sheltering in the car I could review, delete or save each image on the big screen. This was better than using the SD card reader as it lends itself to sorting individual images and deleting from the card, the reader is good for a bulk transfer.

The camera handles much like the 60D I had previously. Same size, similar weight, similar layout. I like having lots of buttons to access particular functions. I do tend to shoot in a few particular ways, so I don’t make loads of changes. I’ve got the auto ISO set to max 400, so it chooses between 100 and 400 itself. However, if you want to push the shutter speed, you still need to select for yourself.

The touch screen, in combination with the Q button allows you to access functions more easily than using the paddle, but you still need to use the paddle to adjust some functions once you’ve selected them.

Obviously in terms of picture quality, it is awesome and having higher resolution is great!

I’ll come back to this topic when I get a better day to play with it, maybe the coming weekend?

Very wet Island Bend at Oulton Park
Very wet Island Bend at Oulton Park
Canon 80D, 300 mm, F4.0, 1/500 s, ISO-320

This was coming out of Island Bend. Unusually, the meeting was on the Island Circuit, which misses off the Shell loop. I liked the layout, sorter lap means more laps, and you can get a great view of Island. This was in the heavy rain, with the rain cover over the lens and body I ventured out for a few minutes at a time! The hairpin is tight enough to get other cars in the background, which adds to the picture I think. The 1/500 s shutter speed was enough to freeze the movement of the splashing water, enabled by selecting a higher ISO of 320. The aperture, F4.0, is wide open on this lens, so I couldn’t go any faster. It’s wide enough to throw the other cars a little out of focus.

The Canon 80D has arrived…

I’ll be giving the Canon 80D a full Motorsport photography work out on Saturday, but here are a few first thoughts having unpacked it today.

So, this is an upgrade from the 60D for me. I skipped the 70. Why? Well, usability upgrades looked OK, but with no more pixels, I was never convinced it offered enough. As soon as the 80 was announced, with 30% more pixels, greatly improved autofocus and all the nice usability of the 70, I placed my preorder.

I’ve had a quick play in the house, just to get some basic familiarisation with the setup. A few buttons have moved, time will tell if I like the new positions. Big difference – touch screen. In an Apple world, the lack of touch was feeling archaic. I’m pleased to report it works really well too. The new autofocus is a big improvement on the 60. You can choose zones of sensors, leave it to its own judgement, or pick an individual sensor – with so many to choose from, this is going to be great for a bit of creativity at the track.

Canon 80D
Test shot of Valentino Rossi

iPad Air!

Not much more to say here, I shall return with photos and thoughts after a day shooting at the race track…